About Us...

We are a family owned and operated business.  "P5" stands for "us" Phillips 5 - David, LaRena and the 3 kids!  Yes, there are 5 of us! Our home is located on about 80 acres in North East, Texas where we raise, Quarter Horses and Ponies of the Americas.  We home school our kids and weave our daily lives Phillips Familyinto school,  work and riding horses, of course! 

A long history in the horse business, we have bred and trained horses for over 25 years! LaRena is a carded judge with the Pinto Horse Association and the Pony of the Americas.  Our horse breeding business has grown from raising world class AQHA to now raising superior POA's as well.  We have loved raising our family on a farm and take pride in bringing up the next generation of horse lovers!  Visit our family farm at www.PhillipsFarm.com to learn more!

Yes, we home school our kids!  When God calls you, you must listen. And yes, sometimes we think He is crazy but we follow His call anyway!   It has been an amazing journey for our family and we love the flexibility of home schooling.   So, we are almost always around and if we are not, we are on a field trip, maybe to a farm to video or photograph or on an outing to learn something new.  We are very blessed and are proud to have the freedom to choose to educate our children at home.  We are members of the local Cowboy Church and are excited about sharing The Good News of Jesus Christ!

LaRena has always had an eye for design,  formerly a Texas Interior Designer, she has brought her love of colors, design and art to the digital screen.  From the right photo angle to laying our a new cyber-home for you on the web, she has many years experience in the design field.  Marketing and promotion of your business is done thru the eyes of an experienced individual.  We do all this keeping the bottom line as a priority.  We pride ourselves in being able to work on budget!  (even tight ones!) The Equine Industry is our specialty but we serve all types of businesses and are very diverse in our ability to serve you!

Thank you for considering us for your design and advertising needs. 
We strive to serve you in the best ways we can!

LaRena Phillips